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Nearby beaches

If you want to explore the coasts of Preveza, you can find some equally beautiful beaches at a nearby distance, like Loutsa, Vrachos Alonaki Fanariou and Artolithia.


Ancient Nicopolis Just 7.5 km away from Nama, before entering the city of Preveza, we pass by the ancient Roman city of Nicopolis. There is a beautiful Castle and a very interesting archaelogical Museum. The Roman Theatre has been preserved and hosts many theatrical and musical events by famous artists over the summer. Ancient Cassiope In the direction of Zalongo, we find another ancient town, Cassiope. Archaeologists place its founding in 167 b. C. The city is located in a mountainous area of 550 to 650 m altitude, and is perfect for a short hike. At the end of the hike, you are rewarded with a magnificent view of the Ionian sea.

Nearby Excursions

One hour drive away from Nama Seaside Villas is the beautiful town of Parga, with its' coloruful buildings, nightlife and beautiful beach. A 45 minute drive to the south of Nama Seaside Villas, is the island of Lefkada, the only greek island that can be approached via land. Famous for its beaches, it is a perfect day trip for the residents. An alternative location, an hour away from the accomodation is the river Acheron. It is famous from the Greek Mythology as the gates of Hades. However nowadays it is a wonderful excursion where one can enjoy nature. The river has shallow parts ideal for swimming with the whole family, and there are many fun activities available, such as kayaking, horseriding and hiking. Overall Epirus has an incredible natural beauty, with wonderful beaches, mountains, gorges, rivers and forests. All you need is a mood for adventure!
18km away from Nama Seaside Villas is the international airport of Aktio. 14km away from Nama Seaside Villas is the Port of Preveza, that offers the possibility of day cruises to Lefkada and Paxos Islands. 70km away is the port of Igoumenitsa, which connects to Corfu, Paxos and 4 ports of Italy.